Love Food, Love Wine Menu


Love Food, Love Wine - Monday 24. 04.2017

beetroot and goat cheese served with a glass of viognier.

salmon cooked in two ways with carpaccio of courgette served with a chardonnay from burgandy.


duck in a caramel&orange marinade, rosti potatoes served with a bordeaux red.

fresh fruit salad with sabayon served with a weet wine.

£40 per person


love food ,love wine- monday 29th may 2017.

pigeon breast with will garlic and cherries served with a glass of red ventoux.

gin cured seatrout brunoise of vegetables grapefruit served with a glass of sauvignon blanc.


duo of lamb sweet potatoes, confit of garlic served with a glass of pinot noir.

assiette of chocolat served with a glass of port bin 27.

£40 per pers


love food love wine monday 26th june 2017

millefeuille of tomatoes cheese and ham served with a gamay wine.

stuffed squid with onion tart and a glass of pinot blanc.


fillet of pork "en croute" served with a nutty sauce and a glass of merlot.

soup of red fruit with mint&pistachio financier served with a rasberry gin liqueur.

£40 per personn